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Harvester Head

Net Weight icon
2000 kg / 4409 lb.
Net Weight
Hydraulic Requirements icon
35 MPa / 5,076 psi
Hydraulic Requirements
Max Delimb Opening icon
51 cm / 20 in.
Max Delimb Opening
Max Feed Roller Opening icon
68 cm / 26.7 in.
Max Feed Roller Opening
Max Sawing Capacity icon
55 cm / 21.7 in.
Max Sawing Capacity
Carrier Size icon
20-25 metric ton
Carrier Size
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When you're out in the woods, running back to the shop for a different piece of equipment isn’t always an option. So you want to make sure what you’ve got is up to the job — it's one of the things that makes the Waratah HTH618C so attractive.

Building on the versatility, efficiency, and durability of the HTH616C, the HTH618C adds double bottom knives for increased stem coverage, resulting in improved delimbing or debarking quality (depending on the configuration). Even with additional knives and topping saw, the HTH618C retains a short, robust chassis that can easily be positioned in tight spots while selective thinning or taking on the bent and ugly timber for which this series is famous.

Technical Data

Maximum feed-roller opening
68 cm
27 in
Width (maximum)
160 cm
63 in
Excluding links and some options
2000 kg
4409 lb
Butt Saw:
Saw type
Waratah 3/4
Maximum cutting diameter
55 cm
22 in
71 cm
28 in
Saw limiting
Available with SuperCut 100
Saw type
Maximum cutting diameter
32 cm
13 in
Bar and chain type
42 cm
17 in
Feed System:
Three feed rollers with full hydraulic synchro-drive
Various feed-wheel options available
Motor option 1
500 cc/315 cc
Motor option 2
630 cc/400 cc
Feed speed — maximum flow
5 m/sec @ 290 l/min
16.4 ft/sec @ 76 gpm
Top knives
1 fixed, 2 moving
Maximum delimb opening
51 cm
20 in
Bottom knives
1 fixed, 2 moving
Maximum delimb opening
65 cm
26 in
Control and Measuring System Options:

Optional Configurations

Saw type
Supercut 100
Maximum cutting diameter
55 cm
22 in
Bar and chain type
75-cm Jetfit
29-in and
0.404-in pitch
Color-Marking System:
Maximum delimb opening
70 cm
28 in

Carrier Requirements

Carrier Size Range:
22 to 27 tonne
Hydraulic Requirements:
Maximum Pressure
35 MPa
5,075 psi
Useable pressure
32 MPa
4,641 psi
Maximum flow
320–360 l/min
85–95 US gal/min
Optimum flow @ pressure
360 l/min @ 15 MPa
95 gpm @ 2,207 psi

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