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HTH623C 4X4

Harvester Head

Net Weight icon
3530 kg / 7,782 lb
Net Weight
Hydraulic Requirements icon
35 MPa / 5,076 psi
Hydraulic Requirements
Max Delimb Opening icon
710 mm / 28 in.
Max Delimb Opening
Max Feed Roller Opening icon
875 mm / 34.4 in.
Max Feed Roller Opening
Carrier Size icon
27+ metric ton
Carrier Size
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The H623C 4x4 – Waratah’s next generation four roller, four-wheel-drive model with excellent power and speed capable of producing quality sawlogs having multi-stem capabilities on demand.

H623C 4x4 Features:

  • 3350kg/7385 lbs. (up from 3050kg / 6724 lbs.)
  • Next generation robust design for 27+ metric ton machines, maintaining speed, power torque of previous generation
  • New four roller four-wheel-drive system for improved log traction, log handling
  • Single or multi-stem processing capabilities on-demand – quality saw logs (length measuring/ delimbing in both cases
  • New lower delimb design for improved log handling and delimbing
  • HD saw box with larger main saw cutting capacity (+2 more inches from 30" now 32")
  • New HD ¾" top saw with larger cutting capacity at 23"
  • New valve design with improved proportional control, high-flow characteristics, servicing and access.
  • New valve cover design with quick access without tools
  • Heavy duty rotator with standard 360 degree continuous rotation
  • Single or twin laser find-end sensors
  • New integral diameter sensors for increased accuracy and uptime
  • New measuring components for increased accuracy
  • Replaceable wear plates, stops, (for serviceability/longevity)
  • Sealed pins
  • Hardened bushings
  • TimberRite Stem Shuffle feature to reduce log-end waste

Performance & Productivity:

  • 1048cc/630cc high torque outer and inner fixed drive motors
  • 5-66 cm / 2-26" recommended tree range (single stem)
  • 5-28 cm / 2-11" (two log) multi-stem range
  • 360 degree rotation with through hose design
  • Large high torque saw motors (top & main saws) for fast cutting speed
  • Optimized components for a simple structure

Maintenance and Serviceability:

  • One position daily maintenance; head tilted up position
  • Increased guarding and
  • Easy access to daily maintenance points and other components
  • Hardened steel pins and bushings

Best in class support

Waratah is 40+ years in the industry

Technical Data

Width, head open
2000 mm
79 in
Excluding links and some options
3530 kg
7,782 lb
Delimbing Knives:
one fixed/floating, two moving*, one fixed rear
(*option for single lower delimb)
Lower delimb (standard/option, (qty))
standard, 1
Maximum delimb opening processing arms or grapple opening
710 mm
28 in
Maximum opening lower knives
865 mm
34 in
Quantity drive rollers
Motor cc - option 1
1048 Drive
630 Fixed
Maximum roller opening
875 mm
34.4 in
Minimum feed arm diameter
60 mm
34.4 in
Top Saw:
Maximum cut diameter
572 mm
22 in
Length of saw bar
530 mm
21 in (0.404)
Chain Type
0.404 in
Top saw motor displacement
Butt / Felling Saw:
Standard Saw
Waratah AT 3/4"
Maximum cut diameter
825 mm
32.5 in
Length of Saw Bar
1,020 mm
40 in
Chain Type
Saw Motor 3/4"
Oil Tank Capacity
16 L
4.2 gal
Carrier Range:
Metric Tons
27+ metric tons
Hydraulic System:
Maximum Operating Pressure
35 MPa
5,076 psi
Maximum Pump Capacity
320-360 L/min
85-95 gal/min
Control and Measuring System

Optional Configurations

Optional Equipment
Optional Top Saw
Waratah 3/4"
Maximum Cut Diameter
572 mm
22 in
Length of Saw Bar
736 mm
29 in
No Top Saw
Continuous 360-Degree Rotation
Color Marking
Multi-Tree Harvesting
Multi-Tree Processing
Fabricated Processing Upper Delimb Arms
Cast Processing Upper Delimb Arms
Harvesting (CTL) Upper Delimb Arms
MenSe Feed Rollers
Debarking Feed Rollers
Steel Thumbnail Feed Rollers
Non-Aggressive Fixed Roller
Steel Ribbed Feed Rollers

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