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Jim Collins Logging

Owner, Jim Collins is shown here with Dave Peterson, who operates the 703JH harvester with 622B dangle head, and Elmer Fudd, one of his forwarder operators.

The woods of Upper Michigan are more than just home to Jim Collins. They are where he both enjoys his free time and makes his living. When Jim isn’t hunting, fishing, or camping he runs a thriving logging business.

Jim began logging in Lanse, Michigan, with two of his brothers and a tree-length crew. In 1987, he went out on his own and began Jim Collins Logging with two John Deere Cable Skidders, one slasher, and a hydro ax hot saw. In 2004, he expanded his business with a short-wood crew.

Four years later, his business saw another boom when he was awarded a contract to harvest large hardwood for Plumb Creek, a real-estate investment trust primarily focused on growing and harvesting timber and the largest land owner in the nation. To meet the demand of his new responsibilities and to double the company’s production, he hired a second crew.

During his attendance at the 2012 Logging Congress in Michigan, he purchased a new John Deere 703J Harvester with a Waratah 622B dangle head. “I wanted a good quality, durable machine that would increase my uptime,” he explained. Since then, he has purchased another John Deere 703 harvester with another Waratah 622B head. He is now producing roughly 23 truckloads of wood per week for Plumb Creek.

“Waratah has been on the job doing follow-up visits since I took delivery of the machines,” Jim said. “They talk to my operators and listen to their input; then they make necessary adjustments to match the machines and operators so they can perform to their fullest expectations.

Jim hopes the love of the woods and the family business will continue long after he has retired. His son, Chad, has started a successful logging business and Jim hopes his other two sons will follow in his footsteps as well.

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