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Measuring and Control

Run Screen
Feeding Screen
Saw Setting Screen
Cutting Table Screen
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Simple system. Big productivity.

Simplify your operations while boosting productivity with the new Waratah TR100. Through this easy-to-use system, operators control harvester head functions, measure log length and diameter, and record the total volume harvested — all with icons that are easily understood worldwide.

The TR100 delivers vital production information while controlling harvest functions and timber measurements. With its simple graphics, it knocks down language barriers and helps manage workloads through intelligent control systems and real-time information access.

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Our most user-friendly monitor graphics and controls boost efficiency.

A simple and reliable controller for hardwood and debarking applications, the TR100 not only doesn’t require a PC, you won’t even need a mouse or keyboard. This icon-based system allows universal operation with minimal training to perform basic processing and felling using the system’s trackpad.

Monitor harvester operation via the Run Screen - with at-a-glance icons for Piece and Stem Count, as well as Length, Diameter, and Volume Cut, among other measurements.

There are adjustment settings on the Feeding Screen for Feed Arms and Upper- and Lower-Delimb Knives, based on percentage available, so your operators do not need to be trained on the inner workings of this head to adjust its operation.

For extra security, many features on the TR100 - like configuration and diagnostic settings - require a password for settings to be changed. 

Through the Saw Setting Screen, your operator sets saw pressure and oiling rate, clamp diameter, and more — all from the machine’s cab. 

Other features include diagnostics of the harvester head outputs, saw sensors, filter indicators, and communication pathways on additional TR100 screens.

The Cutting Table Screen allows for four species to be specified, with up to 20 presets for each. Presets include small-end diameter (SED), minimum length, target length, feeding speed, and maximum largeend diameter (LED). Cut lists are input at the machine, or created on a spreadsheet and uploaded via USB.

Not all models available in all countries. Service and support may also vary by region. Please contact a dealer for more information.